Posted on: May 11, 2011 11:36 pm

Cubs v. Cardinals

As I watch the Cubs beating the Cardinals 10-1 with a worthless Notre Dame receiver on the mound, I am reminded of a day 9 or 10 years ago against the Cards.  I wish I remembered the date or even the year, but I know the Cubs were up 9-3 or 9-4 going into the bottom of the ninth in St. Louis.  At the time, the Cubs had ol' Flash Gordon (he was not the closer...that was el Pulpo Alfonseca)--ooh, is now 10-2--and brought him in.  If I remember correctly, he didn't get a single out.  So in came Antonio Alfonseca to close the game out and he couldn't get anyone out either.  The final score was 10-9, I do remember that--update...Pujols single, score now 10-4--and it was quite disappointing.  
Anyway, my question is do you ever feel safe as a Cubs fan that any sort of lead is safe?  I sure hope I am watching a Cubs win, but I just never feel comfortable until the last out.  Funny that I started typing at 10-1 and it is 10-4 since I had this idea...please don't blame me for jinxing the Cubbies.
Is a lead ever safe???
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Posted on: January 15, 2010 7:12 pm

Is Ryne Sandberg ready to manage the Chicago Cubs

I have a nightmare…


One of my childhood heroes is Ryne Sandberg.  Never mind that I’m in my mid-30’s now, it still brings back great memories of my innocent youth and I can still call him a hero.  Anyway, Ryno has been working his way through the minor leagues as a coach and manager in the Cubs system and now finds himself as the manager of the AAA Iowa Cubs right down the road from me.  I’m excited to take my sons to see my old hero in person (my oldest watched “The Sandberg Game” on MLB Network with me…he may have been more interested in the hairstyles and great uniforms of the mid 80’s but I like to think he was developing an appreciation for Daddy’s old team) and maybe even get an autograph.  It all sounds too good to be true so where’s the whole nightmare element come in?  First of all an article from the Des Moines Register would have us believe that this is just a quick stop-over on his way to coach the CHICAGO Cubs next year OR even this year if the team starts to falter.


The Des Moines Register’s Sean Keeler writes


My nightmare works out in two different scenarios.

Scenario #1:

 Lou Piniella leads the Cubs back into the playoffs (that’s good) where they make an early exit in a divisional sweep; once again crushing our hopes that we foolishly got up (that’s bad).  Good enough to keep Lou around and the Cubs to make a few minor moves to try and shore things up for another run at it in 2011.  Did I see something like this before?  Meanwhile, another team decides to snatch up Sandberg and BAM!, my hero stands for the first time since he played for the Phillies back in ‘81 wearing a non-Cubs uniform.  How am I to react and deal with this?


Scenario #2:

The Cubs swoon in the late summer and to expedite things the Cubs go ahead and part ways with Lou and bring Ryno up to finish out the season and be the manager for the foreseeable future.  Great, right?  Except the Cubs then begin next season in a slump and Sandberg proves himself to not be ready or capable of being a big league manager.  How do we deal with our heroes putting themselves in new situations where they may not be able to have the success they’re (and we’re) used to having?


Now, of course these are just nightmares, right?  Someone tell me that Lou’s going to lead us to the Promised Land (career year, Marlon Byrd? comeback player Alfonso Soriano? Carlos Marmol isn’t walking anyone?). Then he steps down on a high note leaving the keys to a finely tuned machine to new manager Ryne Sandberg who will then lead the Cubs to their second of many titles of the new decade.  That can happen, right?  Hey, if a guy can have nightmares, he might as well have some fantasies too!


Here is a link to photos of Ryno in his I-Cubs glory:

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