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Cubs v. Cardinals

Posted on: May 11, 2011 11:36 pm
As I watch the Cubs beating the Cardinals 10-1 with a worthless Notre Dame receiver on the mound, I am reminded of a day 9 or 10 years ago against the Cards.  I wish I remembered the date or even the year, but I know the Cubs were up 9-3 or 9-4 going into the bottom of the ninth in St. Louis.  At the time, the Cubs had ol' Flash Gordon (he was not the closer...that was el Pulpo Alfonseca)--ooh, is now 10-2--and brought him in.  If I remember correctly, he didn't get a single out.  So in came Antonio Alfonseca to close the game out and he couldn't get anyone out either.  The final score was 10-9, I do remember that--update...Pujols single, score now 10-4--and it was quite disappointing.  
Anyway, my question is do you ever feel safe as a Cubs fan that any sort of lead is safe?  I sure hope I am watching a Cubs win, but I just never feel comfortable until the last out.  Funny that I started typing at 10-1 and it is 10-4 since I had this idea...please don't blame me for jinxing the Cubbies.
Is a lead ever safe???
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Posted on: May 16, 2011 11:41 am

Cubs v. Cardinals

No a lead is ever safe.  Roll out a quick rally and knock the hot pitcher out, BOOM here comes some fresh meat out of the bullpin.  The pressure is on not to blow the lead and an offence getting hot, next thing you know there goes an eight run lead as the opposition bats around the order.  Seen it a few to many times.  Expecially with the Cubs, if they don't have at least a double digit lead I will not feel safe until the game is over.

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